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About Me:

Strengthening the bond between pets and their owners by coding mobile apps at Tractive 🐶

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Linz, Austria


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Exploring the limits of EEG-based visual perception [Senior Project cont'd]

In the continuation of my senior project I decided to go from muscular activity to brain activity (EEG) and see if it is possible to develop a real time gaming framework using the brain signals. The special experimental paradigm was created to find out the limits of EEG-based visual perception where the subject had to count the number of occurances of the specific stimulus at different frequences. The study is ongoing and the paper is planned to be published for the CIFMA2019 conference.

Electromyography in Gaming Applications [Senior Project]

My graduation project in which I research possible applications of non-invasive electromyography (EMG) sensors in different gaming scenarios. Linear Discriminant Analysis and Logistic Regression are used for individual gesture recognition in real-time. The project is written purely in Python using scikit-learn, pygame, and pyautogui.

NUKupi (from Russian - "Ну, купи!" - "Please, buy!")

Online marketplace platform where Nazarbayev University students can post their products or services. NUKupi was developed by me and my roommate as a part of the Software Engineering course. The backend was developed using Java Servlet API first, but then I moved it to a more convenient JAX-RS.


iOS application that shows news from regional news agencies in Kazakhstan. Written using Swift programming language and UIKit (+ SDWebImage for image caching).

Window-to-GIF Recorder

I have been using LICECap program for desktop GIF recordording for a while now. Unfortunately, in LICECap you have to adjust recording frame for every window separately and sometimes it does not work so well. I decided to make use of Apple Quartz Window Services API and imporve the concept a little bit. Now you can select the specific window you want to record and turn it into GIF. The image scale, compression quality and FPS are also adjustable.


iOS Developer (July 2019 – Now)

Currently working on a pet tracking iOS application at Tractive in Linz, Austria.


iOS Developer (December 2018 – June 2019)

  • Responsible for the development, support, and release of new features for the connected cars iOS application.
  • Implement a WebSocket based notification layer that reduced the latency of the car state updates for the user.
  • Developed a car alarm response screen where the user could respond to the alarm notification.
  • Developed a feature that allowed users to manage multiple cars on the same account.
  • Reduced application's memory usage by 30% by optimizing the screen presentation logic and caching ViewControllers.


Technology Solutions Intern (June 2018 – July 2018)

  • Created personalized web layers and emails using the Jinja template engine.
  • Constructed automated scenarios and launched personalized email campaigns.
  • Worked on the Node.js service that synced data between a client's server and Amazon S3 Cloud Storage.

iOS Developer Intern (June 2017 – August 2017)

  • Developed a passport recognition module for iOS using Tesseract OCR engine.
  • Designed ticket return flow in Sketch and integrated it into iOS application.
  • Crash report diagnostics through Firebase Crash Reporting.
  • Refactoring Objective-C codebase into Swift.